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Now, here's a taste of the real country buzz The Hoyle Brothers have been generating:

December 2010

Happy Holidays Hoyle Fans!

Here’s a blurb from The Onion’s A.V. Club:

The Hoyle Brothers are just another example that Chicago can pull off traditional country just as well as any of those Nashville hot shots. This honky-tonk quintet keeps it real with two-step rhythms and some of the purest lyrics around. The brothers—who aren’t actually related—have been melting hearts with their irresistible wholesomeness by maintaining weekly residences at The Hideout and the Empty Bottle since 2002. That’s eight years of good, clean fun for those who were counting, so they have to be doing something right. Since 1993, The Hoyle Brothers have released three pretty standard country albums: Home For the Holidays, Back to the Door, and Don’t Leave Yet. Heck, looks like the Windy City has got a fair share of country soul after all.


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