About the Hoyle Brothers

The Hoyle Brothers approach their music the way a preacher might prepare for a sermon: Reference the good Book, find a theme that resonates and deliver it with fire and passion.

That’s what makes The Hoyle Brothers so special. Their brand of genuine country music draws from the genre’s deepest traditions–lyrics that speak universal truths, melody lines that melt your heart and two-step rhythms that make your boots scoot.


Since the start of weekly residencies at Chicago’s The Hideout and The Empty Bottle in 2002, The Hoyle Brothers have earned respect and recognition from a growing number of fans and music critics who find the boys’ purity of purpose and first-rate musicianship irresistible. Some go a step further, predicting The Hoyle Brothers will eventually show Nashville that its current roster of pop-minded, new country stars needs a little of The Hoyle Brothers’ battered boot leather and real country soul.

For their part, The Hoyle Brothers invite you to see what the buzz is all about for yourself. Check out their touring schedule, sample some of their fine real country music and don’t forget to pass along a “hi-dee-ya-ho” when you see the boys live.

C’mon, Nancy. Time’s a wasting.


Trevor (McSpadden) Hoyle: Vocals/Guitar
Growing up in Texas, Trevor was surrounded by genuine country music. Records and radio shows were fun, but nothing suited Trevor better than getting out on the dance floor in front of a real live band. He logged a lot of hours in the dancehalls around Austin, listening and learning. It wasn't too long before he was climbing up on some of those same stages with his own crew of pickers. When he headed north to Chicago, Trev thought his honky tonkin' days just might be through. But he was mighty pleased to find country music alive and well north of the Red River. Whether he's singin', strummin' or dancin', Trev's just doing his small part to keep it country in the big city.

Fender & The Skirtchasers, True HistoriansTrevor


Steve (Doyle) Hoyle: Lead Guitar
Steve played trombone in grade school. Quickly realizing that no one ever got a girl because they played trombone he switched to guitar. This realization must have paid off because now Doyle teaches guitar at the Old Town School of Folk Music and has a music degree from Northern Illinois U. Like a line out of a Merle Haggard song Doyle has hitchhiked across the USA dozens of times and has the battle scars, stories and guitar chops to prove it.

Lush Budgett, J-200, Ulele, Whiskey Hollow, Pat Hall BandSteve


Brian (Wilkie) Hoyle: Pedal Steel
In Central Illinois where Brian grew up, he never had to strain too hard to hear REAL COUNTRY music. As Brian says, 'It was just part of the soundtrack of your youth." Bitten hard by the music bug Brian got his start in the University of Illinois music program. Skills refined there would allow him to take his talents to Nashville and work as a session player and tour with Allison Krauss, Pam Tillis, Lorrie Morgan and others. In addition, Brian has appeared on "Nashville Now" and led that band on a national television telethon in L.A. Now residing in Chicago The Hoyle Brothers benefit immensely from his skill.

Pam Tillis, Lorrie Morgan, Alison Kraussbrian


Josh (Piet) Hoyle: Upright & Electric Bass
Being from the politically corrupt town of Cicero, Illinois Josh never really had much REAL country music at his disposal while growing up. Josh however has a tireless need to learn and as a graduate of Columbia College’s music program is a real student of all things musical. Josh has mastered the often thought easy but truly difficult task of keeping authentic and REAL COUNTRY bass feels REAL for The Hoyle Brothers. According to Josh, it's the thump, thump that makes the folks jump, jump. It certainly doesn't hurt that Josh is one of the kindest people on the planet either.

Fulton County Line, Urban Hog Wranglers, Antje, Ripley Caine, Stone City Stranglers, Darkroom Chemicalsjosh


Lance (Helgeson) Hoyle: Drums
Lance, having grown up here, there and everywhere, including Hawaii, drawing on the encouragement handed down from a Jr. High School music teacher has used the world as his musical canvas. Lance has played all types of music with all types of characters and has learned probably the two most important lessons any drummer can be taught. 1) Listen and 2) Stay out of the way. Lance will also offer this bit of advice to other drummers considering their hand at country; "Country drums are not simple. Ya see, because it's not about what you play, it's about what you don't." To this ear it sounds as if he's taking his own advice.

Devin & the Straights, Fulton County Line, J-200, Antje, Darkroom Chemicalslance

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